MY MAINLAND DIARY: Me, Myself and Ilupeju Police

It’s exciting to be back here this Friday. It’s been a long and productive week for me. I spent most of my time in the studio recording and on set. Sometime during the week, I had the most unbelievable experience on the road which I just couldn’t wait to share.  Midweek, I decided to hang out with some old friends at the Ikeja City Mall. You know what they say, “how time flies when you are with friends.”

At 9pm, I felt the need to leave. I got into a cab and honestly my journey was smooth until I got to the turning just after the town planning road at Anthony. A policeman flashed his torch at the cab, stopped the cab and asked the driver for his papers. I honestly thought it was one of those situations they ask for a little tip and everyone is happy. Instead, he asked the driver for all his vehicle documents.

Luckily for me and us, the driver had all his documents complete and intact. He had nothing to hold on the driver, he then shifted the attention to me. First he asked to search me. I’m like “what for?” He ignored me and all of a sudden grabbed my handbag and started searching it. At this point I was so agitated, I tried to ask what the search was about. He started hurling all manner of insults at me, “stupid girl, you don’t have home training!” At that point I was weak. I had to talk back because I didn’t understand what all the craziness was about.  At this point, the driver gave me a sign of ‘don’t argue with him, he’s probably mentally unstable’. Immediately, I snapped back to my senses and reasoned, this is a police officer who had no right to delay the cab after showing him the complete papers nor did he have the right to search me and my belongings. He had a gun on him which was probably loaded. He could as well fire his gun out of frustration at any of us since he’s that unstable. So I had to keep calm knowing I had just one life.

Eventually, I had to beg him for nothing and he let us go. Stating for the record, I have never been harassed by a police officer before, that was a first and hopefully the last. But, aside from the policeman drama, I had a splendid week.   Lets cheers to the freaking weekend.  TGIF- Thank God I’m Fancy!




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