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NdaniTV unveils Economy & Finance Series for youths tagged ‘ANALYSE THIS’

It is finally here, the hot, new economy and finance series brought to you by Nndani TV called ANALYSE THIS premiered today.

Analyse This 2
Arese Ugwu


On the first edition co-hosts Tunji Andrews and Arese Ugwu delve into why the is a dollar scarcity within the Nigerian economy.

“It’s going to get worse before it gets better”, says Arese, while Tunji advises people to do whatever it takes to weather the storm, because, according to him “it will pass”.

You may recall that there has been a sustained scarcity of foreign exchange in the Nigerian economy, which has pushed the exchange rate above N350/ USD1

CBN had hoped to buoy foreign currency supply from independent sources through the de-freezing of foreign currency deposits, and hence help douse the pressure on exchange rate, amongst other moves; but nothing seems to have worked so far.

Tunji Andrews
Tunji Andrews

CBN had, mid last year, barred banks from accepting foreign currency deposits from their customers, a development that cut most of the customers napping, with foreign currency cash in their homes, with the attendant danger.

However, the big issue is, “How all of this affects you”. Tunji and Arese look to explain and give tips to get through this.





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