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Danger! See the deadly crowd of depositors at GTB Ikorodu

Samuel Oghota, has shared on his Facebook page, scary images of the mammoth crowd at the Ikorodu branch of GTBank.
The second floor which serves as both the deposit/ withdrawal section of the branch is filled to a point of danger – a disastrous stampede waiting to happen at anytime.

The crowd was so thick, an elderly woman whose legs could not carry her resorted in sitting on bare floor.

Samuel wrote that there is ”no ventilation, no emergency exit should the unexpected happen. GTB in this area is known for this practice, unlike other banks that are organized..l ask, can this be found in any country in Africa?”

InsideMainland is therefore calling on the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) to look at this ugly banking experience.

Gtbank IKRD 2



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