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Meet Ikeja beggar who makes N3.6 million a year

Kehinde Olatubosun, a 56 year old man was arrested on Saturday night January 23, 2016 by Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State for being in possession of hard drugs. The self confessed drug addict also revealed that he is a “Corporate beggar” who makes N10, 000 daily and over N300, 000 monthly using LASUTH drug prescription papers to beg.

He also revealed he’s been begging since 2014 and sometimes partners with some beggars. They share their proceeds at the end of the day, with him getting the larger share. Invariably, he makes N3.6 million every year and unfortunately, all the money he makes from begging goes into drugs.

Olatubosun who was arrested alongside 18 other drug addicts at a joint in Ipodo said he begs in and around Mobolaji Bank Anthony, Ikeja round about, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUSUTH), Toyin Street and Opebi, on a daily basis.

He said, “What I do is that, I get LASUTH drug prescription papers from their waste bin. With this in my hand, I convince motorists, passengers and passersby that I have a relative who is in dire need of money to buy drugs and I show them the prescription papers. This is what I have been doing since I was deported from Germany in 2004”.

Olatubosun who claimed to have lived in Germany for 12 years before his deportation said he was working as an Electrical Engineer in Bauhusa, Cologne, Germany. He was caught in possession of drugs and was deported back to Nigeria.

He also disclosed that he has four children. Two of his children are in Germany with his wife. One is in Texas, United States and another in Nigeria.



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