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I am not satisfied with Lagos Health sector – Ambode

Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode spoke with CNBC on various issues. InsideMainland extracts what he said on the health sector and his transformation plan.

“I can clearly say that I am not too satisfied with the health sector. I am looking for a health sector that would be able to take care of every Lagosians irrespective of where they live or where they come from.

“Right now, we have about 26 general hospitals and in those facilities, we need to have what would trasform them to specialist hospitals and would be able to repute themselves as international hospitals.

“Beyond giving them equipment and facilities, we believe strongly they should be able to work 24/7 for the needs of our people. We have supplied intensive care ambulances to all the general hospitals in Lagos.

“We are also providing emergency ambulance services that residents can call on our free toll service 24/7. We believe there should be a place that we can actually refer to as a medical park and that’s what we are still trying to put up in Ikoyi. We are already in the stage of trying to award that and we will be able to have a medical park that we can pride ourselves to be part of our tourism in Lagos.

“We are on our way to it but the most important thing is that we will create services that would be available to every Lagosians irrespective of their age, creed or colour”.

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