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Teenage girls disappear for fear of repeating class in Surulere

Two teenage girls , Janet Abiodun (18) and Evenly Apalowe (17), are believed to have fled home for fear that their woeful performance in examinations might irk their parents.

The girls went to their school, the New Era Girls Secondary School, Surulere, to check the results of their promotional examinations to Senior Secondary School (SS2) failed to return after learning of their poor performance.

Janet’s aunt, Mrs Olufolake Oyinloye, said she waited for her for a long time, thinking she might have been kept busy in school. Oyinloye, however, became worried when it was night and there was no sign of the girl.

Oyinloye said she went to Janet’s school to find out if she had committed any offence, but was told by her teacher that after the students collected their results, one of her friends, whom they used to walk home together, told her that they should start heading home, but Janet refused, insisting that she wanted to walk with Evelyn. Since then nobody had seen the girls. She added: “Three days after they left home, Evelyn called her father on phone, saying she was in Ibadan.

But since then, the phone line had not been going through again. Evelyn’s aunt told me that the girl had left home once. She was sure Evelyn would soon return home.” Oyinloye said she also went to Area ‘C’ Police Command, where she reported Janet missing.





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