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Four ways small businesses can make money from mobile adverts

By David Olakunle Solomon
Today several businesses abound in every corner, every building and every available space in the city. But every business must strive to capture the minds of every prospect. You must convince every customer that you alone got the best product, services or utility store in town and that it is second to none. Why do you think telcos, oil companies, banks etc. spend billions on bill-boards adverts everywhere in the metropolis? This is the 21st business century. We have identified how small businesses can leverage the massive availability of the mobile phones to create awareness;

Mobile Users SMS Market
The Mobile User SMS is a service to consider. There are millions of active Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) Database registered mobile lines. We don’t just make available to you mobile lines to go blast some bulk SMS, we will also sit beside you to do a random test to prove that they are all active and responsive lines. You may not necessarily need the millions of lines to reach your target clients; you only need Targeted Prospect Lines. These mobile numbers are sorted by Gender, age brackets, local government areas, states, regions, occupation, hubby, likes & dislikes, faith-based, sport interests, students, job seekers, fresh graduates- NYSC, mothers, fathers, Corporate staff, location etc. This method goes with services like ROBO-Call, Voice Prompt, Short-Code, Gender-Sort etc. This allows business owners reach their target markets, convert 71-95% of the prospects and retain the customers and their contacts for expansion and relative-referrals.

This is a Mobile Originating or Mobile Terminating Short Code Billing system, where you can make millions of Naira. You will set up a basic portal that sends Smart Messages to over 100 million subscribers. The SMS are a two-way communication rail. If you broadcast a simple SMS to a percentage of the telco lines with each subscriber paying you just N10 each every day, you will be offering good services and earning a decent income.  If just 20 million subscribers pay you N10 daily, you know what that means? This is why Telecoms Company keeps declaring huge profits year after year. We can set you up on these platforms for a fee. Below is an illustration of how the statistics on demography and rate of conversion is.

MT/MO Short Codes Charges/SMS Subscribers Total Revenue Sharing Formula
Numeric- 5 digits e.g. N5 1 Million N5,000,000.00 Telco/Us- 70/30%
Alpha- All in words e.g. N10 1 Million N10,000,000.00 Telco/Us- 70/30%
Alpha-Numeric e.g. N50 1 Million N50,000,000.00 Telco/Us- 70/30%

Mobile User Market Target SMS
Presently, there are a lot of opportunities in the financial industry now that many do not realise. There is the Financial Technology landscape separate from the banking industry. It is an offshoot of the mainstream financial market and tech start-ups will be dominating the sector pretty soon. Many people with shops and stores are increasing by the day and they need a stress free process of obtaining cash for goods purchased with ATM cards and other credit cards. The POS we have around now are quite bulky and sometimes signal-poor, giving customers headache at every point of payment. Two foreign FinTech Start-ups by the names- iZettle.com and Sumup.com have provided a very simple form of Mobile POS that can serve a big market. They want partners all over and they will love to enter the Nigerian market. Why not see how you can be the first Nigerian Partner and make some great bucks?

SolomonFor more info on how to go about starting any of the ventures above, contact us today at our Office or on- contact.tetrasonicgold@gmail.com or 08032234470.



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