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80% of Mainland Voters Don’t Know Candidates Contesting as Lawmakers

With the heightened level of electioneering campaigns throughout Lagos, especially on the mainland, it is believed that residents know the candidates seeking their votes as lawmakers, but an opinion poll conducted by Inside Mainland newspaper in selected parts of Lagos Mainland reveals otherwise.
The Polls revealed that 80 per cent of respondents did not know who the candidates contesting as lawmakers. A meagre 20 per cent claim to know the candidates. This signifies that many will find it hard selecting the best candidates.
The results of the survey show that candidates contesting as lawmakers need to do more to familiarise themselves with the people they want to represent. Respondents noted that lawmakers come to seek their votes during elections and forget them after getting into the House of Representatives or the Senate.
The opinion poll also indicates that about 8 in 10 qualified voters are not bothered about which lawmaker represents them because these law makers become inaccessible when they get into office.
The general consensus that influences the outcome of this poll is the thinking among the people that no lawmaker is representing them voluntarily at any level. Many respondents said the candidates have no meaningful manifesto that would affect the populace, adding that they are seeking the offices for their own interest and that of their political godfathers.



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